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I am a romantic at heart and am lucky enough to share my life with my wonderful husband and two adorable children. I love photography and showing other people's love stories through my lens. My goal is to capture the special details of important events in your life, whether it be a wedding celebration, and engagement or your little one's first birthday. Each and every event is as important to me as it is to you. I strive to record the touching glances, smiles, tears and embraces that you will cherish for a lifetime.

Please feel free to look through my posts to check in on my recent design work and photography sessions.

Contact me at capturedmomentsbyamyleigh@hotmail.com or check out my website to find out more. I would love to have the good fortune to capture YOUR special moments.

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Quit Your Day Job

If you are familiar with the wonderful craft world of Etsy, you may have seen weekly posts of hardworking etsians who have quit their day job to devote their time to their creative online shops.

In the past year the Hubby and I have started putting more and more energy and time into my shop, party to make up for a lack of income as that he had sold his business and partly in the hopes that I could someday quit my day job. I would have never have expected my shop blow up like it has this year. Wow. Every month we just got busier and busier, I began my days by going into my day job from 8-5 and then coming home for quick dinners and kisses from the kids then back to it until 2 or three in the morning. Even weekends have been filled with my normal wedding schedule then back the glaring screen of my computer, skipping the normal family events and fun of the summer as to not become completely buried under a mountain of work. Add sickness and multiple computer issues (thanks facebook) and the weight of everything has been getting to much to carry for much longer.

Needless to say it has been an exhausting year. It has also been rewarding in that as of two weeks ago I was able to quit my day job and today is the first day that it is officially so! I am sure the road ahead will be rough as we establish a new schedule and Mommy being home instead of Daddy (Sissy has asked for Daddy already 10 times today) but I am so excited to be able to fully devote myself to what I love to do, create, whether it's through the lens of my camera or on stationary.

I could have never made it through this year without the help and support of my frineds and family, especially my husband, who is my rock and who has been doing everything around here to take some of the weight of of me, my sister in law who is always willing to help me out in any way she can and my mom who has been up with with me until 2am for the last few months, learning the ways of Etsy so she can help with the overwhelming response to my shop as of late.

To begin this new journey I have had a blog redesign to better showcase my work and I think it's just more fun to look at now.

I am looking forward to what opportunities lie ahead and seeing my children grow up.

They are cute aren't they :)


Brother and sister

Saturday in Eden Park

I was asked to be a part of this beautiful outdoor wedding, and when I heard that it was going to take place in Eden Park...I was so excited. Not only is it one of my top two favorite places to shoot, we also shot many of the pre-ceremony pictures in the conservatory. Wow. It is so gorgeous in there, the bride chose to have her special moment with the groom in front of the waterfall. It was so special. Everything went so smoothly, and we even had time to go to the bridge for a short time with just the bride and groom before the ceremony. I thought the bridge would add a nice contrast to all of the greenery pictures we captured earlier in the day. The reception was a blast as well. This was such a fun family to work with, thank you for asking me to be a part of your special day! Here is a preview of your pictures:


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